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Waste Treatment Plant Automation

Scada screen1 Scada screen2

Fast Automation has automated many major waste treatment plants for several leading environmental companies. The systems have all been implemented using Citect or Wonderware SCADA software and various PLC types including Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, OMRON and SIEMENS.

The SCADA application software has evolved to the level where standard genies facilitate the rapid development of any plants requirements.

Features of Waste Treatment SCADA and PLC software:


  • Standard Alarms grouping (Major, Minor, System etc)
  • Events grouping (Motor No xxx switched to manual)
  • Listings of Alarms and Events
  • Trends
  • Multi tabs on Standard Device ( eg Control, Parameters, Setpoints, Data - hours run No of Starts etc)
  • Graphic Animation (eg Motors rotate, Pipe Fills etc no static images)
  • Reports (utilizes Citect Standard reports) Reports can be stored in Excel or word and have macros ran to perform filters, draw graphs/charts, run formulas to determine things like Alarms that occurred most often, outage times etc then email the reports to head office.
  • Viewing and management of reports all from with SCADA.
  • Archiving of reports is automated.
  • Remote dial in with PC anywhere for remote control of Plant.
  • Configurable security levels.


  • Programs are written in Ladder Logic and developed with EDDI Error Dynamic Diagnostic Information navigation and understanding of logic is very simple.
  • Functions are separated and ordered logically so that maintenance and development is easy. Standard proven logic is cut and pasted into each plants requirements minimizing development time, cost and risk.
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