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Human replacement Loading Robot:

A local Robotics company was contracted to implement a staff saving robot, by a large Pharmaceutical Company: AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca also requested that the company use Fast Automation for the control system as we are a preferred supplier.

The project was very straightforward and involved a small S7-300 Siemens PLC, a Touchscreen and Movidrive Servo technology.

Fast Automation’s Roles:

  • Requirements Analysis.
  • Detail Design (SMDS) and Electrical Drawings.
  • ITD development.
  • Attend Customer progress Meetings.
  • FAT and SAT attendance.


The project was executed on time and within budget.

Key to the success was the demarcation/interfacing of contractors with the use of an IDT (Interface Data Table) Fast Automation introduced this to the relevant parties involved, and thereby maintained control of the project.


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