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Laser Volume Measurement System:

Fast Automation integrated 5 Sick VMS (Volumetric Sensing Systems) units into Sydney Airport.

Sydney Airport’s baggage handling system experienced at least one baggage item that was over the prescribed limits, baggage caused expensive damaged to a critical high speed sorting conveyor loop. This in turn impacted the airports ability to process bags and thus had a double impact on operations.

Fast Automation integrated into 5 key locations Laser Measurement units, these units simply measured the bags, checked them against SCADA adjustable limits and stopped them from advancing (with associated alarms) if over the limits.


Primary Tasks included:-

  1. FDS (Functional Design Specifications) development
  2. DDS (Detailed Design Specifications) development
  3. Code development.
  4. FAT and SAT testing.

Technology used:
Siemens S7-4xx PLC Systems Coded in Step7 (STL)
Citect SCADA (V6.2) (BHS Primary SCADA system)
SICK VMS200 Laser Scanners
ET200s ASCII to Profibus Convertors

Following is a small section from the installation documentation:

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