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Laundry Mono Rail Systems

Fast Automation was given the opportunity to enter the exciting and innovative laundry rail systems market by a laundry giant.

The systems involved interfacing to various industry standard machines including Milnor, Jensen and Senking. Which have bespoke clocked I/O type communications.

The Rail systems are unique in that the power source is essentially gravity. The product is raised or loaded via a hoist, which releases the bag onto a ceiling mounted rail system. The product is tracked into and out of zones using points and stops, using a mono rail with amazing efficiency (compared to conveyor systems). The systems ultimately drop off/release the laundry to various locations. These drop points could be folding tables, washing machines, dryers etc.

The system seems to be almost exclusive to the laundry industry but, could readily be adapted to other industries.

The Technolgy utilized includes the following:-

  • Wonderware Intouch 9.5, using OPCLink I/O server.
  • Compact Logix L32 PLC Processors.

Below are some screen prints from the system and photographs.



=A101_Panel Layout-Model.jpg

=A103_Panel Dimension-Model.jpg



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