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Airport Control System Power Management Audit

Fast Automation was given the opportunity to audit how a major international airports baggage handling system would cope with power outages. The Audit is subject to confidentiality agreements but resulted in the following main activities:-

  • Custom designed UPS solutions for over 110 PLC based systems.
  • Supervisory dedicated SCADA with power controlling switches
  • Replacement of PLC batteries
  • Software revision control strategy and deployment
  • ATS (automatic transfer switches) deployment
  • Large Scale outage testing with automated result sets
  • Complete database of all critical Technology part numbers
  • Power division strategy (essential and non-essential division)
  • Presentation and high level reporting of major activities, and weakness categories and weightings for forward operations.
  • Scenario work-shopping and contingency planning.
  • Overall 3D graphical depictions of operation through outages.
  • Operating Procedures, and exercise execution and management.
  • Architecture Topology drawings and decision matrix evaluations.




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