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Foreign Object Detection

Fast Automation was contracted to consult and commission on a project that was over running and failing to work. After a brief overview of the system a new PLC and control cabinet was ordered; to rectify performance and topology deficiencies associated with the existing micrologix based design.

System overview

The system comprised MPI xray machines, a number of barcode scanners and Imaje Ink Printers. The concept was relatively simple, when the xray determined a box contained a foreign object (via its internal algorithm, then a message with the result was forwarded to the PLC. When the box reached the barcode scanners the code was used to look up if the box had passed. If the box did not have a pass recorded in the database then the ink guns fired to prevent downstream systems from packing it.

Technology Utilised:

  • Compact Logix
  • Devicenet to serial bridges (1734-232) point I/O
  • RSLogix5000
  • Sick Barcode Scanners
  • Serial tools including Docklight (for testing)




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