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Fast Automation supplied 4 Adroit SCADA monitoring systems for several large mine winches in Hong Kong.

The systems perform a variety of main tasks:

  1. To provide deep redundant wear and tear/predictive maintenance trend data to facilitate early warnings before issues develop.
  2. To produce detailed periodical reports detailing:
    • All operations
    • Alarms
    • Tests
  3. To give onscreen live status information.
  4. To facilitate remote connection and control of the system from Australia to Hong Kong.
  5. To facilitate simulation of the system to allow full logical testing prior to commissioning.
  6. To allow a host of other standard SCADA operations eg snapshot screen dumps of status to be procured by operators during issues..

Technology Utilised:
The system featured Hitachi EH-150 PLC systems and Adroit SCADA integrated onto Industrialised 19” touch-screen panel PC’s.


Brake Mimic Screen.jpg

Production Report Screen.jpg

Alarm Screen.jpg

Report View.jpg

Screen Grab.jpg

On screen Keyboard.jpg

daily alarm reports.png

daily event report.png

overspeed reports.png

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