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NZ Thermal Imaging System Trials a Success

Fast-Automation was given a NZ based project to improve detection of non filled gas cylinders. The filling of medical oxygen is done in batches of up to 40 cylinders, sometimes a cylinder is not filled (for example due to a faulty valve). Although this only happens rarely, an unfilled medical oxygen cylinder can┬ábe life threatening, therefore detecting them is extremely important. Fast Automation welcomed the challenge and after several trials took the path of using thermal imaging. Fast Automation then developed a bespoke active X and embedded it into Wonderwares intouch SCADA solution, this is interfaced to the Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC based fill system. The system is initially being deployed to several sites in New Zealand. “ Even we are surprised at how effective this solution has been ” remarked David Fonseca - FA systems engineer. In addition to meeting the initial project aim the┬ásystem has shown the potential to provide other process benefits.

The screen shot shows the contrast of a non filled cylinder

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