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Fast Automation was engaged to develop a generic filling system to be deployed to previous and new filling sites. Having developed over 30 Gas Filling systems in the past Fast Automation was well qualified to undertake this challenge. The main challenge with this project was flexibility. The end result was a system that allows selection of the following features from the SCADA screens and the automatic enabling of hardware and changing of accessible features and mimic’s to suit. The systems have the following features and options:

    Flexibility on the number of supply gases, filling modules
    Flexibility on the types of modules and gas types
  • Flexibility on the type of filling (Pressure, Flow, Weight)
  • UPS support for whole system
  • 24” HD SCADA Touchscreens
  • Dual Industrial PC based SCADA
  • Built in Simulation of the process for ad hoc testing
  • A standard system has 6 sub control panels 6 operator stations and one MCP
  • The first system was commissioned in Brisbane and a further 3 systems are being commissioned in the next wave October 2013 at time of print.`

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