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Fast Automation offers the following core services:-

Professional PLC and SCADA programming. Having written software for most PLC applications Fast Automation understands the software lifecycle and has developed a range of tools to assist with development. We can assist with development from any stage be it at the User Requirements Specification right up until Site Acceptance Testing, or even changes to existing systems.

Control System Consulting. Fast Automation can supply specifications or solutions to suit your projects needs. We have templates and examples for many specifications.

Project Management. Fast Automation has senior resources that can police your project,  using our proven QMP, Planning software and progress meetings. We can fully report on your project with tangible reporting tools. We have policed some demanding projects co-ordinating teams of up to 15 engineers on some of the most challenging automation applications.

Electrical Drafting and Design. Common to many control system designs is electrical drafting, we have dedicated efficient drafters that may be available to assist with your project.

PLC and SCADA Simulation Tools. Fast Automation has developed a number of simulation tools for pretesting of critical PLC system logic. These are far more efficient than wiring up switch boxes or worse not simulating at all.

Contract Engineers. If we are unable to assist directly, we also have a database of “friends” that are rated Control systems Engineers. We may be able to source the desired Engineer, for your contract engineering roles.

Training. We have developed dedicated learner Session Plans LSP’s for bespoke systems, and can do the same for your custom systems. We also have generic standard PLC and SCADA courses for beginners (electricians?) though to advanced systems engineers.

Technology Audits. Fast Automation can collate your control systems information (and Archive your PLC and SCADA software) onto an information server. We have also implemented quality systems for change control. Please contact us for some examples and an overview of this service offering.

System upgrades. The life of systems is finite; Fast Automation is witnessing a growing number of upgrade projects. Often this is just moving to the next generation of supported hardware eg Allen Bradley’s PLC5 to Control Logix, or Siemens S5 or TI to S7 or Hitachi H series to the EH but, sometimes is a complete re-work of an inefficient process. E.g. the replacement of Pushbuttons, Indicators, Counters, and Chart Recorders with SCADA systems.

Reporting Systems. Generally SCADA systems are under utilized in terms of leveraging value by using them to report. A driven by demand, core business service that we have found, is reporting systems in the typically following areas:

  • Production Inventory usage reporting (SAP/MRP interfacing to plant floor)
  • Production rate monitoring
  • Down time monitoring
  • Energy/Resources Usage Reporting
  • Alarm Monitoring and Logging
  • Report Distribution systems (Email, Sms, Voip, etc)

Please contact us if there is a control systems related service we may be able to provide your organization with.


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