Packing a Real Punch

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Fast Automation has recently designed and completed a multi-packing machine or unitiser for one happy customer.

This clever machine takes away the monotony of manual packaging, allowing for continuous production and a homogeneous result. Through the use of smart technology and automation, the multi-packing machine provide benefits of reducing labour inefficiencies, higher production rate, better quality assurance and a lower environmental impact. Logistically, machine packaging allows for space saving, smarter handling and lower transportation costs overall.

Fast Automation understands that packaging plays a crucial role in every business's supply chain. This is why the team is dedicated in helping others find a tailored solution to suit each company's unique packaging needs. With many types of packaging machines out there in the market, contact Fast Automation for a consultation today. 

Written by David Askew, the CEO of Fast Automation Pty Ltd.

Based in Australia, David has over twenty years of experience in the automation industry and has performed thousands of world-first, mission critical automation projects. He is highly passionate about helping clients do more for less and do it for longer, better, safer and faster. Leading the industry for new and innovative technologies, Fast Automation are currently integrators of a range of collaborative robots (Cobots). Beyond automation, David is a believer of giving back to the community and is a proud supporter of The Kid's Cancer Project among other philanthropic endeavours.

To find out more about automation solutions or how David and the team at Fast Automation can help your business contact us today.

Video created by RK5 Productions.

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