Baggage & Materials Handling
Fast Automation has a strong history with materials handling systems. This started in the nineties with large pallet handling systems and progressed onto baggage handling, freight and postal systems. More recently Fast Automation resources are engaged as client side consultants on a fulltime basis to some of the most Innovative Airport projects around the world. Fast Automation are familiar with all the various Technologies involved in this progressive industry segment.
Building Automation
Fast Automation has implemented a number of Building Management, Security and Monitoring Systems and worked on a large number of others. For example Fast Automation has implemented a number of CCTV SCADA based solutions, which monitor an array of inputs and upon a trigger event, switch to the desired set of cameras on a multiple screen SCADA display, as well as write messages into an event log/report. Fast Automation often implements alternative BMS monitoring solutions, which can control or log environmental data for redundancy purposes. Door control systems are another common application that Fast Automation gets called upon for.
General Manufacturing as an Industry Category also encompasses many of the other categories shown here. Fast Automation projects are generally involved, or related to the manufacturing industry, in such areas as: Warehouse management, Filling systems, Materials Handling, Palletising, Depalletising, Access Control, CCTV, System monitoring, OEEE Systems, Downtime Monitoring, Production improvements, Dashboarding and automated reporting etc
Mining, Minerals and Metal Processing
Fast Automation has executed a number of projects within the category of Mining, Minerals and Metal Processing. A few local and interstate mining companies have engaged our engineers for difficult and challenging mining applications. Several companies that supply mining machinery have also engaged Fast Automation for their solutions. On one showcase project Fast Automation designed the control system for a machine that handles the Worlds biggest Dump Truck the CAT 979B, which weighs approx. 750 Tonnes! Another example are mining winches which have been used throughout the world. There are a significant number of automation applications that Fast Automation has been asked to implement in the Metal processing industry this Category has also been used to categorise projects in Metal Fabrication and Metal Handling which is used in a lot of Factories.
Fast Automation has worked with many OEM Machine builders to automate a large number of packaging solutions. This Category also includes finishing lines with product quality aspects. In addition to the actual packaging solution there is also a number of ancillary automation and monitoring applications such as Coding, labelling, Inspections, Product Tracking, Production monitoring, downtime monitoring, Dashboarding, SAP and MRP integration, reporting and the usual SCADA type status and control applications.  
Recycling and Waste
Fast Automation have executed a number of projects that involve waste processing including those that include: Incinerators, Separators, Crushers, Materials Handling, Volume and Weighing Systems, Particle and Gas detection, Magnetic Separators, Waste treatment systems, effluent monitoring and treatment.
Food & Beverage
Fast Automation is active on Food and Beverage projects every day in multiple locations. Fast Automation has a large, diverse range and long history of projects within the Food and Beverage sector Sample Projects: Foreign object detection (x-ray), Burner or Oven Control Systems, Product Transport, Inline Weighing, Batch Building / Batching, Coding Scanning and Packaging, Product Tracking and Counting, SAP and ERP Interfacing Back Flushing Systems, System Monitoring, Product Sensing, Hopper Level Scanning, Mixing and Blending, Filling Systems, Blending Filling Routing and Decanting, Campaign Management, Warehousing Systems, Environment Monitoring, Access Control, CCTV SCADA Integration OEEE and Automated reporting systems, Palletising and depalletising, Sortation Storage and Retrieval Systems.
Gas Handling and Filling Systems
One of Fast Automations largest clients is a Gas Giant and over the last 15 years has provided many challenging automation assignments. In addition to that we have had refineries ask for automation support and a number of bespoke assignments have been undertaken in this category. Fast Automation has a huge amount of experience and some excellent solutions in the gas mixing and filling arena hazardous areas and general automation systems in the Gas Industry.
Fast Automation has a team of Pharma Automation Engineers who are GAMP literate and have executed many pharmaceutical projects. Fast Automation are experts at Solution Preparation having performed many systems for a global giant. These systems have very advanced code generation tools to ensure rapid development of error free code that completely matches the specifications. Fast Automation typically simulation tests all logic paths to record and prove that all software is performing correctly. This is obviously critical when automatically manufacturing solutions which will be injected into humans. In addition to Sol Prep systems Fast Automation has undertaken a large amount of general automation within the pharmaceutical industry this includes WFI Water Plants, Finishing Lines, Robot systems, Environmental monitoring, reporting, and general process control to name a few.  
Transport & Car Parking
Fast Automation has performed a large number of Automated Car parking systems which would be the largest number of projects undertaken in this category. However there have been a number of other significant projects such as the automation of a train handling system and the automating of various manufacturing processes within this industry.  
Water Treatment
Fast Automation has performed many Waste and Water Treatment projects as can be seen from our project list. Fast Automation has worked with many waste and water treatment companies to provide the best control automation solutions available today. Fast Automation can leverage off this experience to tailor a solution to your requirements very efficiently.
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