Building Automation

Building Automation

Fast Automation have undertaken varying non traditional Building Automation systems.

Fast Automation can provide the following services for Building Automation:

  • Project management
  • Energy management
  • PLC based control systems
  • SCADA monitoring systems
  • Electrical & Mechanical Installation

Fast Automation specialised areas include:

EMS systems: Fast Automation have developed and provided dual redundant plant wide monitoring systems known as Environmental Monitoring Systems for large scale pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Security Systems: Fast Automation have implemented campus wide security systems monitoring solution for a university in Sydney. This system monitors the campus for security events then feeds the security office the CCTV feeds together with details of the specific events, such as Duress alarms, Door breaches, Fire alarms etc.

Data Centre Power Systems: Fast Automation have provided multiple upgrades to DataCentre power controls systems to undertake such items as; load shedding, staged startups, automatic switchover’s and startups together with automated shutdowns and BMS interfacing.

Power Audits and UPS systems for Airports: Fast Automation undertook a power system Audit for a major international Airport and then designed a bespoke SCADA System and low cost UPS system to avoid brown outs and maintain emergency safety systems. This included automated shutdowns, switchovers and load staging.

Cooling Systems: Fast Automation provided a cooling control extension to manage the light and energy input to a large building using automated louvers.

Custom Door Control Systems: Fast Automation developed a custom system called Dockbrain for a leading security company. This automated the control of doors to allotted deliveries and provided audit trails of deliveries, remote control and self service - amongst other things.

General Door Control Systems: Fast Automation have provided centralised door control systems for a number of buildings.

Lighting Control Systems: Fast Automation have provided a number of systems to control lighting in buildings.

Building Life Safety Systems (LSS): Fast Automation have developed and delivered a company wide system to safeguard against noxious gases. These systems are depended upon for the safety of staff working in laboratories.

Custom Security Solutions: Fast Automation have designed and implemented an number of custom security solutions for iconic buildings and structures these include automated Bollards to prevent terrorist attacks as well as traditional access controls.

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