Gas Handling and Filling Systems

Gas Handling and Filling Systems

One of Fast Automation's largest clients is a Gas Giant and over the last 15 years has provided many challenging automation assignments. In addition to that we have had refineries ask for automation support and a number of bespoke assignments have been undertaken in this category. Fast Automation has a huge amount of experience and some excellent solutions in the gas mixing and filling arena hazardous areas and general automation systems in the Gas Industry.

Example Projects

Mixed Gas Filling System Project

A major gas handling company awarded a series of first release mixed gas filling system projects to Fast Automation. The sites are based around Australia. “The awarding of these projects illustrates the simple value of consistent good work looking after and building long term relationships with clients generally” remarked David Askew, Chief Executive Officer of Fast Automation. Each system consists of a main control panel and 6 sub-panels with a 24inch Wonderware Intouch SCADA Touch Screen Siemens S7-300 with ET200s IO, Barcode Scanning, and integrated batch reporting.

Another project included the contract for 2 fully automated Gas filling systems with Fast Automation Pty Ltd. The systems features 2 Wonderware Intouch SCADA Panels, 2 C2JH OMRON PLC systems, 14 Burkert Profibus Valve Blocks, DataLogic Wireless Barcode Scanners, together with new non-contact temperature transducers. Project objectives were to improve efficiency, safety and maintainability.

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