Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Fast Automation has performed many Waste and Water Treatment projects as can be seen from our project list. Fast Automation has worked with many waste and water treatment companies to provide the best control automation solutions available today. Fast Automation can leverage off this experience to tailor a solution to your requirements very efficiently.

Example Project

Detection Solutions Project 

An Industry leader in the water mains inspection field contracted Fast Automation to automate a world first inspection system. The system utilised several winches to insert a sterile inspection head (on the end of a purpose made Kevlar cable) into live water mains and then examines up to 1.5km of pipeline. The project involved not only the automation of the mechanical system but the recording and reporting of the valuable data. The system utilises Wonderware Intouch SCADA and Allen Bradley Rockwell Micrologix PLC’s along with a tablet HMI and two 17” touchscreens. The SCADA application really showcased the capabilities of Wonderware Intouch with some useful animation.

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