Project Management and Consulting

  • Fast Automation are experienced independent System Integrators for all the leading PLC & SCADA manufacturers, and deliver control systems across multiple industry sectors.

  • We can implement PLC & SCADA solutions for new control systems, provide maintenance support for breakdowns, convert from legacy products with upgrades to new platforms, or offer guidance on how to implement a PLC Safety System or SCADA solution, as well as turnkey integration of the control system.

  • Our System and Application Engineering services include control system design, hardware specification, custom panel design, electrical & control installation, FAT and SAT procedure development, testing & commissioning, and as-built documentation. We employ qualified engineers, technicians, tradespersons and licenced electricians.

  • Fast Automation always takes complete responsibility for all provided services and products. This commitment continues beyond standard warranties and ensures long term relationships with our Customers.

Automation Systems Documentation

  • Fast Automation produce documentation for control systems to cover all phases of the life cycle: Planning, Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment, Operations and Maintenance. Every step in the project is documented for future reference and for the execution of the design in the development process.
  • Planning includes analysis and development of the User Requirements Specification. Design and Implementation documentation includes: Functional Design Specifications, Electrical drawings, Hardware and Software Design Specifications, Risk Assessments & HAZOP, P&ID diagrams.
  • Other typical project documents include: Test Procedure, FAT test plan, SAT test plan, Change Control procedures, Operating & Maintenance manuals, Diagnostic and service reports.

PLC & SCADA programming

  • Having written software for most PLC applications Fast Automation understands the software lifecycle and has developed a range of tools to assist with development. We can assist with development from any stage be it at the User Requirements Specification through to Site Acceptance Testing, or implement changes to existing systems.

  • Fast Automation are an independent Industrial Automation System Integrators for all the leading PLC & SCADA manufacturers, and deliver control systems across multiple industry sectors.

  • We have extensive experience and is highly proficient in programming and troubleshooting all major brands of euipment. A library of programming software packages and equipment allows us to assist in breakdowns and upgrades with ease and speed.

Custom Software Development

  • We have the expertise to provide customized software development services to best fill all of your needs.

  • This includes custom application development, database programming, Microsoft Office Application Development, Windows System Programming, Custom drivers and Web Services.

  • In addition we can implement Dynamic Web Reporting and HMI Monitoring to allow your team and/or your customers to analyze and manage process data, quality data management.

Control Panel Design and Manufacture

  • Fast Automation has a team of engineers, drafters, and trades people for efficient panel building, manufacturing small wall mounted panels to large MCC’s (Main Control Cubicles).
  • Panels are designed and manufactured for customissation to exact end user specifications, and in accordance with Australian Standards or other standards for export (e.g. UL, NEMA, CE compliance, European Norms).
  • We utilise a number of advanced tools in-house including:Laser cutting and engraving machine DIN Rail cutting PVC Duct cutting Wire and cable marking Automatic wire stripping and bootlace crimping machine
  • Our store maintains high stock levels of sundries such as DIN Rail, PVC slotted Ducting, wire, crimps,Control and Switch Gear which allows for rapid and efficient manufacture of control panels.
  • All control panels and MCCs are tested prior to despatch to site, including FAT testing with PLC/HMI/SCADA software.

Industrial Electrical Installations

  • Fast Automation has the personnel and equipment available to construct and install all types of instrument and electrical installations. From minor projects in an operating environment to major Greenfield works we are adept at managing project risks to deliver successful outcomes.
  • Embedded management system processes provide successful delivery of key deliverables including quality, HSE and cost. A proven team, implementing tried and tested project controls ensures the best outcome for you installation requirements.
  • We can provide trade services in construction, supervision and project management for any size project in the following areas: Low Voltage Electrical, Generators, UPS, MCCs & Switchboards Instrumentation, Control, and Prpcess Measurement PLC, SCADA and HMI systems Variable Speed Drives & Servos

Simulation Testing

  • Fast Automation has developed a number of simulation tools for pretesting of critical PLC logic & SCADA systems.
  • These are far more efficient than wiring up switch boxes or worse not simulating at all.


  • Our Testing & Commissioning Services are performed by qualified engineers and trained technicians/electricians.
  • All work is performed in accordance with FAT & SAT test plans and documented via our in-house “QA/QC” process which incorporates industry-accepted ISA standards (statutory electrical testing to AS3000, I/O verification, calibration, loop checks, system commissioning, etc).
  • Your specific requirements are incorporated as needed to further enhance the validation process.

Automation Support and Maintenance

  • Guaranteed response times, 24hr site presence and tailor-made shift patterns, are available with our maintenance contract. We can offer annual contracts, holiday cover or weekly contracts.
  • 24 hour call out for breakdowns and preventative maintenance.

Reporting and MES Systems

  • Generally SCADA systems are under utilized in terms of leveraging value by using them to report. A driven by demand, core business service that we have found, is reporting systems in the typically following areas:
  • Production Inventory usage reporting (SAP/ERP interfacing to plant floor) Production rate monitoring Down time monitoring Energy/Resources Usage Reporting Alarm & Event monitoring, logging, and notification (Email, SMS, VOIP, etc) Report distribution systems (Email, SMS, VOIP, etc)

Plant Floor to MES/ERP Interfacing

  • "The information required for manufacturing execution may come from different systems such as ERP, a manufacturing execution system (MES), SCADA or Plant Historian.
  • Fast Automation can interface between plant floor equipment and enterprise resource planning (ERP) and MES systems to develop a customised flow of data and information to meet the requirements of your business."

Machine Safety and Risk Assessments

  • Leveraging an experienced team of safeguarding specialists our onsite risk assessment provides your organization with a thorough understanding of your machine hazards.
  • Upon completion of the Machine/Safety Risk Assessment, our team will provide a Hazard Analysis Report that details hazards, scores and prioritizes risks considering the Regulations and Standards.

Automation System Audits

  • Fast Automation can collate your control systems information (and Archive your PLC and SCADA software) onto an information server.
  • We have also implemented quality systems for change control. Please contact us for some examples and an overview of this service offering.

Technology Upgrades

  • The life of systems is finite; Fast Automation is undertaking continually undertaking upgrades of various systems and platforms. Often this is just moving to the next generation of supported hardware e.g. Allen-Bradley PLC5 to Control-Logix, Siemens S5 or TI to S7, Hitachi H series to EH-150, but it can also be between brands e.g. Toshiba EX100 to Siemens S7-1200, Siemens S7-200 to Allen-Bradley MicroLogix.
  • Also sometimes is there needs to be a complete re-work of an inefficient process e.g. the replacement of Pushbuttons, Indicators, Counters, and Chart Recorders with SCADA systems.
  • SCADA systems require more frequent upgrades due to changes in computer hardware and operating systems, hence upgrade of versions should be performed regularly.

Contract Engineers

  • Personnel can be provided on a contract basis for your engineering roles to assist with project execution directly within your team to meet any short or long term requirements. We can be flexible and adapt to the specific requirements of each role to ensure you get the right person.
  • Project Manager Control Systems Engineer (PLC, SCADA, HMI) Electrical Engineer CAD drafter Qualified Electrician Electrical Trades Assistant
  • Test equipment, computer, software, programming cables, and tools can be supplied if needed.
Control System Consulting

  • Fast Automation can offer clients a number of consultancy services, including:

    • System Specification/RequirementsDevelop system specifications/requirements according to your specific workflows and operations. Specifications can be produced for automation hardware, software, cabinet design, instrumentation design, industrial network systems, computer hardware and other system components.
    • Technology EvaluationsTaking into account your system requirements, our engineers use their knowledge and experience to evaluate possible system solutions. We solicit product demonstrations and facilitate product comparisons based on these requirements. These solutions are evaluated using a given set of criteria. The results are then presented in an evenhanded manner, enabling you to make an informed decision.
    • Site Systems AuditsLegacy systems can exist as isolated “islands of automation”, as can manual operations. These situations require a systems evaluation to determine the most cost-effective path for merging/migrating the systems into an integrated and maintainable system.

    Electrical Design & Drafting

    • Common to many control system designs is electrical design and drafting.
    • We have Chartered Professional Electrical engineers and dedicated efficient drafters that may be available to assist with your project.

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