Inspection systems are an automated, non-invasive and cost-effective way to undertake your product inspections in real time; to ensure the physical characteristics of your output meets your specific requirements every single time.

Fast Automation has experience with the following technologies:

  • Vision Systems
  • Bar Coding Systems
  • Laser gauging
  • Xray systems

Example Project

Explosives Scanning & Tracking In Baggage Handling Systems

Fast Automation had a lead role in the upgrade of 6 airports around Australia to be 100% Checked Bag Screening where Fast Automation's role was mainly software development and management.


  • Large PLC Systems 5000 IO per PLC
  • 5000 Drives
  • 32 Citect SCADA Terminals
  • 4 Dual Redundant Citect SCADA servers
  • 6KM of conveyors
  • 17 Xray Machines
  • 22 Automatic Tag Readers