Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine learning has become a large sector both in modern technology and Industry 4.0. Through the improvement of computer processors and neural network algorithms that are faster to train and more reliable then ever it becomes obvious why machine learning is being invested in.

Computer vision and object detection allow for the easy deployment of automated systems that would be impossible otherwise. No longer are vision systems bound by camera quality or unfavorable environments. Machine Learning systems are able to overcome these challenges with ease and produce faster and more accurate results then humans ever could.

Computer vision is only one sector however. Data analytics and stock management in the modern day are only possible thanks to machine learning. A Machine Learning system can be taught to observe entire production lines and predict expected results as well as identifying risks and failures before they can even occur.

Widespread machine learning is the next step in Industry 4.0. Efficiency and production on a scale never before seen as well as reassurance that failures both large and small can be identified and prevented before they even become and issue.

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