Fast Automation are able to supply the most cutting-edge robotic solutions across all industry sectors thanks to our expertise in robots and robotic automation. Our robotic automation services are intended to help companies of all sizes automate, streamline, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and elevate their position as a market leader.

Fast Automation supplies multiple robot brands including the following:

Robot Benefits

Fast Automation strives to provide your company with the most cost-effective and efficient solution, whether you need to automate an entire operation or concentrate on optimising a specific component of your production process. Our engineering team develops entire turnkey solutions, which include mechanical and electrical design, PLC and Robot programming, risk assessment, and production, from concept to completion.

Our robotic systems:

  • Reduce labour costs
  • Increase effectiveness 
  • Efficiency
  • Boost manufacturing efficiency
  • Improve quality


End-of-line Palletising Robotic Project

Turnkey Robotic Project


Automation has never been easier. The collaborative robot HCR is easy to control and is flexible in responding to changes in production layout, effectively cutting investment cost and operating expenses. It not only automates manual work but also provides a safe and convenient work environment.

Fast Automation are national distributors of Hanwha Cobots:

COBOT Benefits

A new breed of robots called cobots, or collaborative robots, are made to collaborate with people in a shared workspace to carry out a variety of production or storage duties.

Cobots can be programmed and installed quickly, and they often don't need specific training. They have a wide range of uses and can work virtually anywhere in a plant.


What industries use Robots?