Payload: 3KG Reach: 630MM


Payload: 5KG Reach: 915MM


Payload: 12KG Reach: 1300MM



With the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the manufacturing industry is facing a paradigm shift. In response to its ever-changing work environment, manufacturers are increasingly showing interest in robotics. Robots are central to the next generation process system that combines computers, artificial intelligence and information technology used in smart factories. And there are trends showing collaborative robots (also known as Cobots) becoming the solution of choice for small batch manufacturers. Cobots have become popular because they are easier to operate with many of the same benefits as industrial robots but are less expensive, have a smaller footprint and are quicker to deploy. Cobots are designed to interact directly and alongside humans. They perform simple, repetitive, and tedious tasks as well as any actions that involve potential exposure to contaminants or pose greater risk of injury. This allows human workers to focus on more complex tasks that require greater dexterity and creativity, in a safer environment.


The HCR collaborative robot is a six-axis articulated robot with excellent space utilisation. It consists of three models that can be used to collaborate with workers. We propose HCR-3, 5 and 12 which can be applied immediately without changing existing workspace with minimum installation space.

Hanwha’s Collaborative Robot

Hanwha’s Collaborative Robot (HCR) brings the factory of the future to the present and transforms today’s manufacturing environment with its simple user interface, installation flexibility, safety functions and other unique features.

The HCR can be easily and quickly adopted by users to enhance their job so that productivity can increase. With flexible installation options, they can be placed not only where humans can operate but also where they cannot, and this can lead to more efficient use of space that translates to greater profits. And the HCR can do the work that is too dangerous, giving peace of mind to employees and employers alike. The applications for the HCR are numerous but the bottom line is, they reduce costs while increasing productivity.

Hanwha’s HCR represents a foray into the robotics industry where the company can leverage its deep expertise in precision instrumentation and manufacturing. At the same time, the HCR represents Hanwha Precision Machinery’s steadfast commitment to create quality products that help companies to ultimately help people with the products they produce.

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HCR Specification



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Hanwha Application


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