Video Gallery

Check back from time to time as we update our video gallery.  Some videos are uploaded without sound.

OPEX Sure Sort - Order Fulfillment Automation

The Sure Sort™ solution is a highly-scalable, cost-effective system that is ideal for handling multi-line ecommerce orders, parcel sorting, and reverse logistics.

OPEX Perfect Pick - Warehouse Automation

The Perfect Pick® is an energy-efficient automated solution for goods-to-person picking and stocking. Using proven iBOT™ technology to retrieve and putaway goods,

Human Interface Robot

Fast Automation is very excited to have implemented a Human Machine Interface of a very different kind.

Productivity Empowered

Fast Automation are the PLC & SCADA Experts - see how we can help boost your productivity.

Hanwha HCR Collaborative Robot from Fast Automation

Automation is no longer difficult. Fast Automation can help you effectively cut investment costs and operating expenses, by installing a HCR collaborative robot, that is easy to control and is flexible in responding to changes in production layout.

Explosives Manufacturing Automation

This is a video of the control system testing environment for an explosives manufacturing automation system.

Tray Washing System with Cobots

Solution Concept design for automated destacking and feeding of trays into a washing and drying system.

Dual Palletising Robots

This is a concept design video of some heavy product palletisers for the agricultural industry.

Insulation Multi-Packer - Unitiser - Packing Machine

Fast Automation recently designed and built a multi-packing machine or unitiser, that delivers multiple benefits. Savings in Space, Transportation, Labour, Handling and of course the environment are quickly realised.

Automation Machine Designs

Fast Automation are fully equipped to build special-purpose machines as well as to design, develop and engineer custom solutions for your specific business needs.

Fast Automation Control Cabinets

This is a video of some of the control cabinets we built and used to control the automatic manufacturing of solutions for a pharmaceutical company. This is a Process Control application.

Vial Capping Machine

This machine takes a stack of trays and fills them with caps. The end purpose is to cap vials for a pharmaceutical company. This automation saves a difficult and labour intensive job.

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