Automation Software Development

Automation Software Development

Fast Automation is highly proficient and experienced in writing and developing software for various PLC applications. As a result, we truly understand the software life cycle and have successfully developed a range of tools to assist with development; from user requirements specifications, implementing changes to existing systems and right through to site acceptance testing.

Our software developments services include:

  • Custom application development
  • Database programming
  • Microsoft Office application development
  • Windows System programming
  • Custom drivers
  • Web services

We can also implement Dynamic Web Reporting and HMI Monitoring to allow your team and/or clients to self-analyse and process data for reliable quality data management.

Example Projects

University Security SCADA System

Fast Automation was awared a contract to design and supply a security camera and duress monitoring system with the following features:

  • Up to 720 Mobotix PTZ IP cameras
  • Multiple SCADA screen management consoles
  • Rockwell Ethernet based mesh of PLC's
  • Simple end user configuration and setup of new buildings / areas (PLC's and Cameras) with zero engineering
  • Automatic overviews and history of previous camera events, logging and reporting

Mixed Gas Filling System

Fast Automation was awarded a contract to develop software for mixed gas filling systems. This project arose because all the existing systems are different and required custom development or at least extensive tailoring of software to suit the site. The customer wanted to be able to deploy the same software and hardware to any site and simply configure it on the SCADA to run. The flexibility required is extensive and has proved to be a worthy challenge.

Monitoring SCADA System Project

Fast Automation was awarded the contract for 4 remote monitoring SCADA systems for critical mine winders in Hong Kong. The systems feature Adroit SCADA machines and provide extensive data logging to ensure the Australian suppliers are constantly updated with the status of the systems. “The synergy of these systems is that the extensive data provides valuable feedback for future systems by highlighting any degradation.

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