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Fast Automation

PLC & SCADA Experts
A Control Systems Development Company

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Fast Automation Electrical

A sub-division of Fast Automation

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Project Management

A team with over 20 years experience in a vast array of industries

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PLC and SCADA Experts.

Fast Automation has executed some of the most challenging Automation Projects in the world. From Automatic Antarctic Remote Control Telescopes, to Automatic Human Injectable Solution Handling, from Automatic Gas Filling Systems to Airport Automatic Explosives Detection and Tracking.

Fast Automation is based in Sydney Australia, and is primarily a PLC & SCADA control systems development company. Providing PLC and SCADA systems for over 20 years with technologies such as Siemens, Rockwell / Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Citect, Wonderware, Toshiba, Modicon, GE Fanuc, Schneider and more. We have most programming packages and interfaces available for most types. eg Step-7, RS Logix5, RS Logix500, RS Logix5000, GE Developer, PL7, TPDS, Cx programmer etc.

Fast Automation also performs all aspects of bespoke software lifecycle management and consulting. We are GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) literate and understand V models and real quality management plans. We have a reputation for outstanding documentation, and commonly use the following phases and documents during a project:-

URS - User Requirements Specification
FDS - Functional Design Specification
DDS - Detailed Design Specification
IDT - Interface Data Table
SMDS - Software Module Design Specification
QMP - Quality Management Plan
TM – Traceability Matrix
STS - Software Test Specification
IQ - Installation Qualification
OQ - Operational Qualification
PQ - Performance Qualification
PD - Performance Demonstration
FAT - Factory Acceptance Testing
SAT - Site Acceptance Testing

Fast Automation invariably perform complete process simulation through the PLC level before commissioning, validating the software prior to installation. This allows us to offer extremely fast new projects with minimal downtime on upgrades – cost effectively.

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43-51 College St Gladesville, NSW 2111, Sydney, Australia     |     +61 (4) 1823 9340     |     info@fast-automation.com