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Considering new Automation?

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Considering new Automation?

When considering new Automation it is common to go through a Return on Investment ROI calculation to decide if the Automation cost is worth it. This generally involves basic items such as labour savings, increased performance/output. However, there are a surprising number of hidden costs and benefits that can significantly impact the decision.

1. Labour cost is not just the Labour cost

Reliable system:

Most companies are aware there are add on costs associated with Labour but few know the true cost. In a recent study by MIT Sloan School of Management the cost is 1...


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Top cases for Mixed Reality integration

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Top cases for Mixed Reality integration: How can this benefit manufacturing?

Why did the United States defence force recently purchase 120,000 Microsoft HoloLens 2's?

Unlike Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality (MR) creates a sensory experience by incorporating digital content into the real world. Surprisingly, the latest Mixed Reality devices are extremely beneficial for the manufacturing industry especially during COVID-19.

1. Not so remote Support – even during COVID-19 travel restrictions

A game changing level of support is now possible! Consider next time you have a break down, an exper...


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