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Site Control System Reviews

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Fast Automations vendor independence enables us to evaluate equipment and systems from an unbiased perspective, providing our customers with a comprehensive report that addresses safety, operability, reliability, maintainability, and adherence to corporate standards, industry best practices and legal regulations.

Our experience enables us to assess and report on the facilities automation structure and on its automation vendors, to provide a comprehensive report on the control system, system software, and support structures.

Our proven audit methodology can be customized to address exact client...


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Pill Sorting and Blister Packaging Automation

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Many medical centres, hospitals and nursing homes require automated machine systems to effectively manage and package specific pills and medications for patients and nursing residents. Automated machine systems can not only dramatically decrease turnaround times for assigned prescriptions to patients, but can also increase efficiency and productivity for work undertaken in pharmacies. Precise automation procedures can allow pharmacies to reduce labour costs exponentially as packaging pills will now be done at a more rapid and accurate rate, streamlining the packaging process and resulting in e...


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