The changing requirements arising from a market heavily influenced by online commerce also increase the requirements for a company’s intralogistics. This can only be addressed through efficient processes and a specifically tailored degree of automation. Automating warehouse systems is an important step toward enabling companies to increase the efficiency of their internal material flows and adapt to the demands of the modern market situation. Picking represents one of the most cost-intensive areas of intralogistics. Fully or partially automated solutions can significantly improve and accelerate these procedures. This ultimately results in more efficient company processes, increasing productivity, lower costs along with shorter delivery times. Whether small or mid-sized companies or multinational corporations: these are critical factors for maintaining and strengthening the company’s competitiveness in the age of e-commerce.

Fast Automation - Order Fulfillment Automation with OPEX Sure Sort

OPEX Sure Sort

OPEX Sure Sort

Highly scalable high-speed automated sortation for small items.

The Sure Sort™ solution is a highly-scalable, cost-effective system that is ideal for handling multi-line ecommerce orders, parcel sorting, and reverse logistics. This high-speed automated sortation system is designed for small items and parcels of any shape weighing up to 5 pounds.

Increasing throughput to meet seasonal peaks or increased demand is easy to implement with expansion modules or additional iBOTs. Compared to existing sorters, the Sure Sort requires fewer touches and with the six-sided scan tunnel, all barcodes can be read regardless of orientation. Sure Sort is an ideal solution for micro-fulfillment centers, small businesses looking for a cost-effective entry into fulfillment automation, and larger fulfillment operations looking to streamline processes.


How Sure Sort Works 

The Sure Sort is essentially an automated put wall for small items. An operator places items onto a belt that inducts items through the six-sided scan tunnel. Items are deposited onto an iBOT, an intelligent, wireless multi-direction vehicle contained in the system, and then deposited into the designated bin location. Once a bin contains every item to complete the order, an LED light illuminates as part of the pack-to-light system, alerting an operator that the order is ready to be packed for shipment.

The Sure Sort system is easily scalable as your operations grow or to meet seasonal peaks by adding expansion modules or additional iBOTs. Sort locations are highly configurable with different sized containers. It also easily integrates with existing WMS systems.


  • Fast, accurate sorting of up to 2,400 items per hour with only three operators
  • Easily scalable by adding or removing expansion modules or iBOTs to adjust to seasonal peaks and changes in demand
  • Customizable to meet unique customer needs
  • Handles parcels and items of differing shapes and sizes, up to 5lbs.
  • Compact size
  • Integrates easily with existing WMS systems
  • Fewer touches required than with existing sorters
  • One Sure Sort system can replace up to six traditional put walls
  • ROI in as little as two years
  • Fast implementation – once delivered, Sure Sort can be operational in as little as three days.


  • Length: 5.1’ up to 45.8’ (1.55 m up to 13.96 m)
    * each additional expansion module is 3.7’ (1.13 m)
  • Width: 11’ (3.35 m) at the input conveyor, 5.8’ (1.77 m) at the expansion module
  • Height: 8.9’ (2.72 m)
  • Product dimensions: Minimum 2” x 2”, up to 15” x 12” W. Height up to 4”
  • Product weight: up to 5 lbs (2.27 kg)
  • iBOTs: up to 22
  • Throughput: up to 2,400 items per hour


Fast Automation - Warehouse Automation with OPEX Perfect Pick

OPEX Perfect Pick HD

OPEX Perfect Pick HD

The Perfect Pick HD® is an energy-efficient automated solution for goods-to-person picking and stocking. Using proven iBOT™ technology to retrieve and putaway goods, Perfect Pick is also the fastest in-aisle picking solution in the industry today, running at up to 1000 picks per hour.

Perfect Pick has a simple, flexible design allowing for complete scalability in both speed and size. The self-contained, standalone system can be easily expanded by adding modules or more aisles, and additional iBOTs can be quickly introduced or removed from the system in a matter of minutes. The Perfect Pick HD provides even more benefits with twice the storage capacity. The Perfect Pick system is an ideal solution for fast, flexible, and scalable order fulfillment that adapts to ever-changing business demands and cycles.

How Perfect Pick works

Items are placed into designated totes by an operator at the workstation. The totes are then transported by an iBOT into the system for storage until the items within are needed to fill an order. When items are needed, an iBOT retrieves the designated tote and delivers it back to the workstation, where the operator picks the item specified and places it into the order box for shipping.

The iBOTs are multidirectional wireless vehicles contained within the system that can pick and store totes and trays on either side of the aisle simultaneously. This eliminates the need for elevators/lifts, conveyors, or transfers. iBOTs travel along tracks integrated within the storage racks. They are powered by ultracapacitors and capture regenerated energy as they descend through the storage racks. iBOTs bring totes or trays directly to the pickers and tilt and adjust to their height for ergonomic picking. iBOTs can provide system throughput rates of up to 1000 dual-cycles per hour.


  • Substantial storage density and superior throughput
  • Competitively priced entry point creates a justifiable ROI
  • Ability to control the speed of iBOTs
  • Expandable over time by adding racking modules or additional iBOTs
  • Ergonomic workstations at one or both ends of the system
  • Small footprint
  • Energy efficient ultracapacitor powered iBOTs
  • Configurable software platform that easily interfaces with workers

For more detailed specifications, click the link below:

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Remote Performance Monitor (RPM) Software – Measure What Matters in your Warehouse

Remote Performance Monitor (RPM) Software – Measure What Matters in your Warehouse

RPM is an intelligent reporting platform that opens up the world of data-driven analytics by bringing real-time machine KPIs and historical performance data from your OPEX® Warehouse Automation systems right to your fingertips. As a cloud-based performance monitoring platform, RPM gathers, consolidates, and displays operational data using powerful interactive visualizations. With RPM, OPEX customers can easily monitor the health of their machines and make smart strategic decisions based on machine data. RPM helps you leverage the power of cloud storage to monitor the health of your equipment from anywhere, identify ways to improve performance, and create efficiencies in your warehouse.



Utilization of robust and secure cloud-based technology that makes data accessible from anywhere just by logging in to the RPM website.


Historical performance reporting for each system and all iBOT® robots including detailed analysis of machine availability and iBOT alerts.


Near real-time display of status, performance, and issues from all machines, across all sites, provides independent synchronization between the machine and RPM without any interference with the operational communication to your WCS/WMS.

For more information about the RPM software, please click the link below: RPM Tutorial:

Measure What Matters in your Warehouse with Remote Performance Monitor Software

RPM Tutorial: 



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